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What is e-Sudhir.com Newsletter?
eSudhir.com Newsletter is a technology newsletter from Sudhir Upadhyay. The newsletter contains information that he acquires from daily massive blog reading. This is a weekly newsletter as he needs to work in daytime to earn his bread and butter being a SAP Basis Consultant.

What is the need of this Newsletter?
It was one lazy sunny afternoon when he thought of sharing his information bank of little gyan among his colleagues and friends. 

So, What does it contain?
The newsletter contains tips and tricks to improve your productivity, latest hapennings from Internet, new sites, tools, few SAP tips and Self help information.

How can I subscribe to this Newsletter?
If you have decided to take the bold step of subscribing to this newsletters then send an email to sudhir [at] esudhir [dot] com with subject line Newletter subscribe. Alternativly, you can view this newsletter from here itself if you do not wish to receive e-mails.

Can I provide feedback?
Yes, Feedback is always welcome. If you wish to add/delete or want any tip to be included in newsletter then you can submit your feedback here

I receive too much e-mails, I want to unsubscribe.
You can unsubuscribe to this newsletter anytime if you wish by just sending an e-mail to sudhir [at] esudhir [dot] com with subject unsubscribe. You will be unsubscribed, no questions asked.

|Disclaimer|- The information provided in this newsletter is 'as is'. Reader's discretion is advised. The web links posted on the newsletter are for information purpose only & not for the publicity/marketing of the newsltter.  The views expressed in this newsletter are mine not that of my employer.

Feedback: How did you like this newsletter? Is there any topic you want to insert/delete from this newsletter? Do let me know.

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